about the jp machinery

India is on the journey of success in every field from land to the sky, but one of the most significant successes in the field of science which is good for both humans and the environment is the invention of battery operated two wheeler in Delhi. This is the only invention that makes the life of people easy, healthy and helps to save extra money. Conventional vehicles run on petrol and diesel cause lots of health hazards to the people and the environment too because these vehicles emit CO2 gases in high volume and are also the cause of greenhouse emission to a large extent.

We JP Machinery (JPM) Top leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Delhi NCR, comes with this advanced technology in two-wheeled electric scooters. We have 4 variants of e-scooters that everyone chooses according to their wish with various colour variations. Our electric scooter comprises of detachable light portable battery that you can carry anywhere hassle-free and one of the biggest advantages that people are searching for in an electric vehicle is the mileage, safety, performance and fast charging. We are happy and proud that we are able to convey all these features in our scooter at an affordable rate.

We manufacture these electric scooters by considering many points in mind about how they will impact our people, society, and the environment too. We are the best e scooter manufacturer in Delhi, Our aim is to provide electric scooters to be in reach of every section of society. We are not just claiming, but we are committed and it's our promise to give you the best. For all the people who are in search of buying electric scooters, give us a chance, and we are 100% sure you will love it and promote our brand yourself because the action is louder than words. Apart from petrol expenses, we are glad to inform you that we have a maintenance-free battery that will work for long-lasting.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Vehicle warranty is cancelled if the customer himself or any unauthorised service person alter or replace the important component of the vehicles including motor controler and wiring .Company is not responsible for any speed alteration done by customer .